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Our Knowledge Base is here to answer any questions that you might have about using the Incentivio platform. For additional assistance, please contact our support team at or by phone at 1 (855) 647-4137.
  • Analytics

    Slice and dice your data like a master chef! This section is where you'll learn to whip up insightful reports and turn numbers into a delectable feast of business insights.
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

    Be the maître d' of customer connections! Here, you'll discover the recipe for building lasting relationships that leave customers coming back for seconds.
  • Marketing

    Stir the pot of promotions and spice up your brand flavor! From sizzling campaigns to mouthwatering strategies, this section will have you cooking up a storm in the marketing kitchen.
  • Setup

    Set the table for success! This section is the kitchen prep for your online ordering, guiding you through the ingredients needed to create a seamless dining experience.
  • Products

    Craft your menu with finesse! From tantalizing descriptions to appetizing visuals, this section is where you'll learn to make your offerings the stars of your culinary show.
  • Admin

    Be the head chef of operations! In this backstage kitchen, you'll manage the recipe book of your business, ensuring all ingredients are in perfect harmony.
  • Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

    Make sales a piece of cake! Learn how to integrate your point-of-sale system for a smooth and efficient transaction experience.
  • Delivery Integrations

    Let your dishes travel with grace! Discover how to integrate delivery services seamlessly, turning your kitchen into a well-oiled delivery machine.
  • Payment Processing

    Don't let your payments overcook! Learn the art of financial seasoning, ensuring your transactions are as smooth as a well-baked soufflé.
  • Incentivio Orders Tablet App

    Your digital sous chef! This section is where you'll explore the features and functionalities of the tablet app, turning it into a trusty kitchen companion for your restaurant operations.
  • Internal Documentation

    The behind-the-scenes script for the undercover agents of our operation. Keep it hush-hush, and unravel the mysteries within!
  • Incentivio Dashboard

    Welcome to the NEW Main Course of Management! Our Dashboard is the perfect recipe for success, serving up a platter of efficiency with a side of data-driven delight. Bon appétit to your organizational journey!
  • Billing

    Feeling hungry for billing insights? Dive into our 'Bill-A-Palooza' section; it's a feast for your financial appetite! 🍽️💸